This page contains the following:


A list of academic publications. See also Google Scholar and my university profile.


Cost allocation and risk management in renewable electricity networks
My PhD dissertation presenting my research at Aarhus University and Danske Commodities.


Real-Time Carbon Accounting Method for the European Electricity Markets
Preprint: arXiv.

Managing Volumetric Risk of Long-term Power Purchase Agreements
Preprint: SSRN.

Flow-based analysis of storage usage in a low-carbon European electricity scenario
Preprint: arXiv.

Flow-based nodal cost allocation in a heterogeneous highly renewable European electricity network
Preprint: arXiv.

Power flows in complex renewable energy networks (to appear)
Contribution to FIAS International Symposion on Discoveries at the Frontiers of Science


Decompositions of injection patterns for nodal flow allocation in renewable electricity networks

Allocation of nodal costs in heterogeneous highly renewable European electricity networks

Optimal heterogeneity in a simplified highly renewable European electricity system
Preprint: arXiv.

Statistical meandering wake model and its application to yaw-angle optimisation of wind farms


Power Flow Tracing in Complex Networks


Power flow tracing in a simplified highly renewable European electricity network

Scalar and Vector Flow Tracing in a Simplified Highly Renewable European Electricity Network
My Master's thesis: Simulations of a future highly renewable European electricity network.

What is a good name? The S factor in Denmark at the name-level


Increasing inequality in general intelligence and socioeconomic status as a result of immigration in Denmark 1980-2014

Political ignorance and liquid democracy: A partial solution?
This is an old draft manuscript that was never finished.


Virialization of dark matter halos in the large scale structure
My bachelor's thesis: Cosmological N-body simulations of the universe.


A list of public talks.

Flow-based analysis of storage usage in a low-carbon European electricity scenario at the 15th International Conference on the European Energy Market, Łódź, June 2018.

Statistical meandering wake model and its application to yaw-angle optimisation of wind farms at WIND ENERGY DENMARK 2017, Herning, October 2017.

Market integration of renewables at the CoNDyNet Industry Workshop: From Research to Application, Frankfurt, November 2016.

Statistisk modellering af meningsdannelse at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University, June 2015.

Press clippings

Mentions in the media.

Electricité et CO2 : le tableau européen (May 6, 2019)

Ny beregningsmetode viser den reelle CO2 udledning fra en forbrugt kWh (April 25, 2019)

Encouraging the optimal energy system (2018)

Vindbranchen møder unge forskere i Science Zone (October 3, 2017)

How energy flows affect prices (March 20, 2016)


A list of selected spare time projects.

This website
A static website rendered by a Django application. This means I have all the functionality of Python/Django available during development, but only require a simple web server for deployment. I like to keep the site simple and lightweight. Styling is based on Skeleton.
tScrape (2015)
A simple Python scraper and parser for Twitter pages using Beautiful Soup 4 and Selenium WebDriver. This is not for streaming tweets but rather archive old tweets for statistical or semantic analysis. The approach of using a virtual browser in Selenium is slow, but has since proved very useful for other scraping projects, where developers have tried making it difficult to scrape site content.
NavNav (2015)
A tool to navigate the building Navitas at Aarhus University. This was necessary because of no systematic numbering of rooms throughout the building. The project consists of an interactive website accompanied by Android and iOS apps.
A script that finds meta-tags for Google Scholar's indexer on a website and creates a dialog with formatted citations for APA and BibTeX.
Jollawall (2014)
An automated tool for creating Ambiance wallpapers for the Jolla phone. Since the release of Sailfish OS 2.0 in the fall of 2015 this tool is now obsolete due to changes in the UI.
Bojokes (2012)
An old website from 2012 dedicated to jokes and puns centered around the name Bo. It's simple and ugly on purpose.