A list of selected spare time projects.

This website (ongoing)
A static website rendered by a Django application. This means I have all the functionality of Python/Django available during development, but only require a simple http server for deployment. I like to keep the site simple and lightweight. Styling is based on Skeleton with modifications.
tScrape (2015)
A simple Python scraper and parser for Twitter pages using Beautiful Soup 4 and Selenium WebDriver. This is not for streaming tweets but rather archive old tweets for statistical or semantic analysis. The approach of using a virtual browser in Selenium is slow, but has since proved very useful for other scraping projects, where developers have tried making it difficult to scrape site content.
NavNav (2015)
A tool to navigate the building Navitas at Aarhus University. This was necessary because of no systematic numbering of rooms throughout the building. The project consists of an interactive website accompanied by Android and iOS apps.
A script that finds meta-tags for Google Scholar's indexer on a website and creates a dialog with formatted citations for APA and BibTeX.
Jollawall (2014)
An automated tool for creating Ambiance wallpapers for the Jolla phone. Since the release of Sailfish OS 2.0 in the fall of 2015 this tool is now obsolete due to changes in the UI.
Bojokes (2012)
An old website from 2012 dedicated to jokes and puns centered around the name Bo. It's simple and ugly on purpose. It's still possible to add new jokes to the database.